You may think it is difficult to learn a second language.

It does not have to be!

At Aurora Education we make language learning fun and enjoyable.

Spanish Study Guide OA

My Story

Learning Spanish

When I went through high school and college, second languages were taught with unwieldy textbooks and monotonous workbooks filled with grammar exercises. In class the teacher drilled us on vocabulary. We would have to go to a language lab where we would do more meaningless grammar exercise. We often forgot what we learned after the class was over.

Luckily for you, the ways second languages are taught have progressed over the years.

Yearning for a more meaningful way to learn a language, I put together the most effective program so you can learn Spanish while having fun! You will become fluent rapidly, so you can travel and speak to people you meet from Spain, Latin America and the Caribbean—and in your home country!

Spanish speakers can be found all over the world!  Spanish language will open the doors to more friends, travel and work opportunities, and don’t forget, Latin music and dancing!

What are your needs as a language learner?

What are you goals?

Reflect on how you learned your first language, naturally and in developmental stages; learning more complex language as you were ready.  Our childhood was spent learning our first language by interacting and doing fun activities with our people who were close to us. This is how language is learned best – through interacting with others.

Reflect on your own learning styles and think about how you learn best. What do you consider to be important in your learning environment that helps you learn? Then try to do activities that match your own individual style of learning. Do you like music? Drawing?  Reading about sports or other cultures?

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Sign up now for 8 classes for $320.00 and get a free copy of the book, Ojos Abiertos. Includes email correspondence for any questions you may have.

Each class is 30 minutes long and will follow two lessons of self-study outlined in the book, Ojos Abiertos.

Suggestions to learning Spanish with real life activities

To maximize your acquisition of Spanish, you need to immerse yourself in as much Spanish as possible. I encourage you to:

  • Listen to music in Spanish every day. Find your favorite tunes.
  • Read short books, poetry or news articles in Spanish.
  • Check out children’s book in Spanish at your local library.
  • Write in your journal three or four times a week.
  • Speak with friends and native Spanish speakers as much as you can to practice your conversation skills.
  • Find and read recipes in Spanish. Then follow the recipe and make the dish following the recipe. This way you can learn new vocabulary as you learn about traditional foods from Spain and Latin America.
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