I love to play.

I am a child at heart. Most of us can think of some kind of activity where we feel like a kid again.

There are many moments in the school day when I feel the joy of being a kid again. My favorite activity, which brings out the kid in me is having the children act it out a Reader’s Theater script.

As a teacher, I love to see my young students play. And I have found they key to having them play, be engaged and improve their literacy skills at the same time: reader’s theater.

My students clamor for opportunity to read another script. And so do I. I love reader’s theater too. I love to see my students so engaged. No one wastes time. They jump to the task and lesson flows effortlessly. The class almost teaches itself. A teachers dream!

However, it is not entirely easy, as it appears at times.  I have to do a lot of front-loading for an effective Reader’s Theater experience. First, I choose a script that meshes with our theme, in this case storytelling, as Nessa, the main character looks for a story of her own to tell.

All students participate; the artists of the class will create props; other students assign the character roles; still others practice their lines and help other students master theirs. Some students plan to invite parents and the principal to watch the play during the school day. Everyone is engaged and the play lends itself to repeated readings since students want to do their best for the performance.

Your students will enjoy this collection of readers theater scripts. 

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